Case Studies

Arm & Hammer™: Fabric Care & Odor Control Products

Slingshot identified 'baking soda impregnated paper' as an ideal solution to combat odor control challenges. This development was a true breakthrough in a 160 year-old consumer product industry. In all that time, nobody had ever thought of introducing baking soda into paper. Slingshot was the first to impregnate paper with baking soda, resulting in a ten-fold performance improvement, and securing valuable intellectual property for Prym.

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Taking Baking Soda Out of the Box

Project details

Prym Consumer USA licenses the Arm & Hammer™ brand

Prym wanted to participate in the extended lifespan of a garment once it was created by the hobbyist.

Prym approached Slingshot to extend their reach into garment care products. Slingshot explored a range of garment care approaches and identified an unmet need for superior odor control products through the use of the Arm & Hammer™ brand.

  • First ever incorporation of baking soda into paper, bringing about a 10-fold increase of performance compared to baking soda in a box.
  • Created a product line extension with over 20 individual SKUs.
  • Filed two utility and two design patents.
  • Managed new equipment design, and the development of novel routes to product manufacture.
  • Slingshot supported the product launch at The International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, IL.
  • The products enjoyed commercial success.
  • “Sealed-in freshness” packaging solution.
  • Introducing baking soda to the paper machine dryer section without degradation.
  • Introducing baking soda to pressure sensitive adhesive without occluding the sticky surface.
  • Selection and incorporation of a neutral fragrance that was not deodorizing by the baking soda.