Case Studies

Bomax: The Future of Hydrogen Production

Bomax came to Slingshot with technology that had lain dormant for three years in a Ph.D. dissertation. They had a patent and financial support, but no idea what to do next. Slingshot guided Bomax through the process.

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Accelerating Science for Use in the Real World

Project details

Bomax Hydrogen

Providing environmentally-friendly, pure Hydrogen for fuel & other uses.

Bomax approached Slingshot Product Development Group to create a structured plan for technology validation,  development, and commercialization.

  • Secured the employment of three key professionals, experienced in the art of this specialized chemical reaction.
  • Sourced and purchased scientific equipment for the Bomax lab, allowing it to open in May 2016, on time and on budget. The Bomax lab later expanded into additional space.
  • By December 2016, just eight months later, the Company had duplicated, replicated, and validated the original BPH work of the founder.
  • Slingshot strengthened their intellectual property filings, identified trade secrets, as well as improved and standardized their BPH production processes.
  • In March 2017, a mere three months after completing the validation phase, the Company accomplished the first of four 10-fold increases in hydrogen production.
  • Advising academic and business leadership about the processes and realities of commercializing early-stage technology.
  • Identifying appropriate laboratory equipment, materials, and personnel to conduct highly specialized anaerobic chemistry (a skill-set shared by a small cadre of people in the world).
  • Creating tangible value for Bomax, in its early stage of life.
  • Accelerating the R&D Plan to meet the timing goals of America’s “Hydrogen Highway.”