Case Studies

Dributts: Reusable Diaper

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Project details


Convert Dributts’ hand-sewn diaper into a high volume, manufactured product.

Infants and toddlers in underdeveloped villages in Haiti don't have diapers, so they poop openly in the house. The fecal matter contaminates everything in the living space which leads to the rampant spread of diseases like dysentery, cholera, typhus fever, and typhoid. Dributts had the diaper design ready and approached Slingshot to develop a manufacturing resource in order to deliver thousands of diapers.

  • Slingshot’s global manufacturing resources reduced the cost by 50% and increased supply by 10 to 100 times
  • As of 2018, this product continues to be produced through Slingshot’s manufacturing partners
  • Slingshot delivered a manufacturing resource that could produce 10,000 or more diapers quicker, and at a lower cost than hand-sewing them.