Case Studies

Irrimax: Wound Irrigation

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Project details


Accelerate wound irrigation and debridement with saline solution.

Slingshot was approached by an ER Physician with an entirely new and improved idea to reduce the time taken for an ER professional to irrigate and debride an exposed wound.

  • Time & Cost Saving Medical Procedure.
  • Innovative nozzle design with SplatterGuard (R) protection for infection control.
  • Deep tissue wound cleansing and debridement.
  • The control of variable pressure with manual compression.
  • Slingshot also developed visual assets, branding guidelines, and communication materials.
  • Management of plastic parts suppliers, the establishment of a manufacturing facility, associated production equipment and management of FDA compliance and associated documentation.
  • The creation of a frangible sealed bottle with sterile, Non-Pyrogenic 0.9% saline solution contents.
  • Not to exceed the irrigation pressure limit.
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