Case Studies

Masterack Smartspace®

After completing ethnographic and competitive product studies, Slingshot identified that customers needed a lightweight, easy to install, versatile, and modular system to adapt to different vehicles, tools, and user habits for multiple service industries.

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Updating an Antiquated Design

Project details


Create an updated, practical, efficient, and cost-effective storage system for utility vehicles.

Slingshot was approached by Leggett & Platt to overhaul their cargo system inside the utility vehicles.  

  • System solution meets design and cost goals.
  • IDEA Award winner, 2015.
  • Platform compatible with multiple service industries.
  • Comprising structural foam and aluminum, these lightweight materials reduced weight and noise, while holding as much weight as comparable steel systems.
  • The Masterack Smartspace® design helped Masterack reestablish themselves as an innovation-led company and leaders in their industry.
  • Identification and selection of strong and durable lightweight materials.
  • Helping a vertically integrated company move towards an alternative production platform.
  • Quiet design.
  • Reduction in installation time.
  • Modular cargo management design.